Sex on the beach: how to refresh the relationship, if you have been married

It is believed that hot entertainment — the lot of young and hot. But sex on the beach requires preparation, so get more pleasure from it will be able to experienced couples who are all right with trust in each other.

Find a hiding place

You already people adults, and you, we hope, need not warn about how, that sex in public place (on the beach, in Park, on the street, in the entrance) is considered hooliganism and is punishable by a fines. If you are resting abroad, especially in a Muslim country, it is better to have sex in your room, away from sin.

But if you want thrills, in advance look for a secluded place. This can be a secluded Bay away from the hotels, which can be reached by car, or just part of the beach, not popular.

Protect from sand

A couple engaged in passionate sex at sunset in the oncoming waves is an excellent shot from a romantic film. Don’t try that again. First, remember the first point. Second, sand. It will be everywhere and even inside you, provoking microtrauma.

Just grab a blanket or a sunbed and stay out of the water.

Wear comfortable clothes

Usually people undress to have sex. But we are talking about sex in an unusual place, where the probability of being “caught” tends to 100%. Therefore, you should choose clothes that are easy to access the body and, if necessary, quickly hide the body.

Women easier: enough a spacious sundress without lingerie, a man can wear a shirt-oversize and enough to pull shorts.

Take care of protection

Generally, once you have decided to diversify the sex, it’s better to be focused and targeted: on the beach, but not in water. In seawater except quite caustic salt contains a lot of bacteria and waste products, in the pool — chlorine and, sorry, too, any infection.

If you decide to indulge in passion in a Jacuzzi with clean water, which stands right on the shore, use a condom and silicone-based lubricant — it is difficult to wash off with water and help protect the condo from damage and tears.

But it is best, of course, just do not go into the water.

Choose the right pose

If you have long wanted to forget about the missionary position — this is a great chance. For sex on the beach it is better to place your bodies in space so that the genitals are located as high as possible from the ground.

Perfect “doggy style” and all its variations — and here you are saved from the ubiquitous sand, even if you forgot to bring a blanket.

Use your hands

If traditional sex with penetration on the beach seems to you some tedious or risky activity, engage in petting.

A quiet evening, the sound of the surf, the starry sky, the two of you… And if anyone walks by, you’re just hugging.